Several years ago, I was sprinting on the hamster wheel of busy-ness and perfection. My days were frantic, and I felt disconnected from myself and others.

I had completely lost the creative part of me that felt inspired and passionate about life.

It wasn’t until I made a regular creative practice a part of my life that I saw just how much of life I was missing out on by not engaging with my creative soul.  Now that I’ve embraced my inner creative wise woman, I’ve found the deep satisfaction and joy I’ve been craving for years. 

Awaken Your Creativity Challenge is 10 days of guided rituals and prompts to help clear your busy mind and guide you back to your creative wisdom.

Each day is designed to breathe wonder back into your busy daily activities, unlocking the passion and creativity you so often seek outside of yourself. All of this complete with a supportive and loving sisterhood to celebrate and cheer you on along the way.

And, because I just can't help myself, there will be prizes!

I'll be sending a care package to 2 special women in the challenge voted by her fellow challengers as:

  • The Most Inspiring 
    The Most Supportive
  • And a Grand Prize of 3 Month Membership in The Dabblist Collective Sisterhood, will go to the women whose posts are creative, inspiring, and in the spirit of supportive sisterhood.
    Click below to sign up. We kick off Thursday, February 16th!